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Dispensing systems

Dispensing Innovation - made in Germany

"marco's innovative thinking and willingness to invest in future-oriented technology have established the company as a global player"

Martin Reuter, President and Co-founder

marco Systemanalyse und Entwicklung GmbH is a provider of high performance dispensing systems based on piezo technology. The product range comprises fast valve modules with electronic controllers for solving challenging micro-dispensing tasks. With the founding of marco Korea in 2014, marco set up a Centre of Excellence in the field of dispensing technology enabling complete dispensing systems to be marketed. The piezoceramic drive developed by marco provides high switching speeds for dispensing tasks requiring utmost precision and covering very varied industrial manufacturing applications.

  • High performance dispensing systems based on marco’s own piezo-ceramic technology
  • Jetting and valve products for solving challenging dispensing and micro-dispensing tasks
  • Applications and industries
  • UV adhesive dispensing
  • Hot melt dispensing
  • Underfill for semiconductor packaging
  • Silicone with phosphorous fillers for LED assembly
  • Solder paste for PCB/FPC assembly          
  • 2-Component dispensing
  • Lubricants (oil and grease) dispensing


StepDot Valve for Solder Paste


Superior Jet dispensing valve - The heart of the system
System control centre - The brain of the system
The modular valve system
Hot melt system with 30 ccm tank
2K Jet system
Filling of white LEDs system
Bubble-free system
Volumetric control system


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