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Product information: Dispensing systems

2K Jet system
Published by Martin Reuter on 24/02/2017
The 2K Jet system contains one pump with one piston for each component A and B (ratio 1:1, 1:3, 1:10 and more, stepless), a mixing element and a modular dispensing valve. It is used to convey, mix and dispense (jet) two-component adhesives. Both components must be liquid and without fillers.

All parts which come into contact with the medium can be replaced quickly and easily, the use of disposable mixing elements ensures a smooth process flow.A large variety of valve inserts are available for the 2K Jet system depending upon the application. Diameter or shape can be selected depending on customer requirements.

The mtv/dpa/* pump with integrated position measurement system generates a feed pressure of up to 72 bar and allows precise volume monitoring of both components.

The system comes with a 10” touch-screen terminal with user-friendly software for monitoring and visualisation.