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Dispensing systems
StepDot Valve for Solder Paste
FunctionThe marco StepDot valve with hybrid drive enables very fast needle dispensing. The requisite movement of the needle – vertically over the dispensing point – is executed by the valve itself. To allow a continuous movement of the robot head, the valve is drawn briefly against the movement of the head resulting in the dispensing needle only stopping briefly over the dot. We call the combination of this movement – from the great precision of the robot – with the great mass of its head and with the fast and small movement of the valve, hybrid drive. The valve controlling the small movements of the dispensing needle is called StepDot. A robot alone typically reaches operating frequencies during needle dispensing of up to 10 Hz – in contrast, the StepDot principle achieves frequencies of up to 100 Hz.AdvantagesQuick dispensing of solder pastes in small dot sizes (<200 μm)The fast movements in the z direction compared to the slow movement of the robot save timeHigh dispensing frequencies with up to 100 Hz possible for contact dispensingOptimum break off behaviour from synchronised valve and robot movementsIntegrationThe marco StepDot valve can easily be flanged onto a robot. The valve is driven via external control electronics which can be mounted on the portal. Parameters are set using special software via Ethernet. Digital inputs on the control electronics trigger the movement and dispensing process.ParameterWidth74 mmDepth115,6 mmHeight116,1 mm (235,1 mm inclusive 30 cc Syringe)Weight1120 g (inclusive cable connections)Supply Voltage24 V ± 10%Maximum frequency100 HzConnection: valve ↔ control electronics10-pole rectangular plug
10/11/2017: Stefan Kutsch
Longwallface mining automation
Automated coal/rock boundary detection
marco is proud to announce the successful implementation of a fully automated coal/rock cutting feedback system in Russia.
15/02/2017: Michael Schimana
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